Community Vision Care

Community vision screenings are made easy with eyeNjoy. The Solution can screen large volumes of children in short periods, ultimately increasing the community reach and decreasing the number of children referred to eye care professionals. The accessible and effective platform delivers healthcare solutions with minimal resources, as community members can operate the device.

Accessible Preventative Vision Care Programs
for schools, community centers, and municipal screening programs


Vision screening is performed in less than 1 minute, examining all amblyogenic risk factors


Reduce operational costs and long screening days, as up to 25 kids may examined per hour


The only vision screening platform including automated Visual Acuity exam

Child friendly

Non-invasive, risk free, and child oriented

Non-Medical Staff

May be operated by any trained staff member

Ease of Use

Easy to use, as simple as operating a tablet

Automate your workflow

Progress dashboard and automated reports available for authorized personnel

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