Remote Areas Vision Care

The global need for adequate vision care

For the majority of people with low income, or living in rural areas where access to health professionals and doctors is scarce, eyecare may be unaffordable and inaccessible.

eyeNjoy advanced technology helps bring eye care to those populations, reducing the need for healthcare professionals.

Affordable and Accessible Preventive Vision Care

Portable: The device can be easily carried and suitable for various settings.
Offline: The platform may operate in remote locations with no internet connectivity.
Staff: The platform may be operated with short training and does not require medical expertise.
Fast: A high volume of children can be tested in a single day; up to 25 kids per hour.
Efficient: Reduce cases of children with healthy eye development receiving expensive and invasive eye exams.
No Language Barriers: An objective exam that requires minimal cooperation and no verbal feedback.

eyeNjoy Collaborating with NGOs

eyeNjoy is working in collaboration with NGOs, funders, and multilateral organizations delivering accessible vision care through outreach programs. Working in remote townships where in many times not one child has a pair of glasses, the platform can examine large quantities of children in a short space of time.

eyeNjoy is also partnering with frames and lenses manufacturers from the private sector to cater an affordable solution to the public sector.

eyeNjoy Holistic Eye Care

eyeNjoy™️ latest collaboration with Afrika Tikkun provides affordable end-to-end eye care to thousands of children throughout South Africa.

To answer the organization specific needs eyeNjoy have built a holistic solution, integrated with optometry chains and frames and lenses manufacturers to provide referred children with discounted and affordable eyewear.

eyeNjoy outlying

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