After thousands of eye exams performed around the world, eyeNjoy presents eyeNjoy NFT

We now provide artists the power to make NFT art collections using only their eyes and imagination. We propose an extraordinary tool to modernize the art industry and for the first time allow audiences to see through the eyes of performers and experience the art creation process.

So how does it work?

We use our sophisticated AI platform and eye tracker camera to communicate with the artist's cortex allowing us to transcribe their imagination to the screen and sketch their desire. As easy as that, anyone can now express themselves and let their fantasy lead the creation. There are no boundaries to your creativity.

eyeNjoy Product

The gap between imagination and reality has never looked so close.


eyeNjoy collaborating with Ikamva Labantu

We offer you a selection of 6 unique NFTs captured with our artists’ eyes. With the precision of our Platform drawing with your eyes becomes possible. We have the honor to announce that for this NFT collection, we will be associated with the NGO Ikamva Labantu and all the profits will be donated to the organization. Since 1962, Ikamva Labantu's work has focused on early childhood development, the well-being of older persons, and after-school initiatives that keep children safe and off the streets. It is part of eyeNjoy's DNA to help the youngest reach their full potential by supporting their eye health development.

Discover the 6 unique NFTs

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About eyeNjoy

🐟 April fools! We wanted to raise awareness about the importance of visual screening and highlight the organization we work with. We want to educate on the value of regular testing and provide a low-cost solution. All profits generated from the sale of our NFTs will be donated to eye care projects with Ikamva Labantu. We are proud to collaborate with them and participate yet again in the development of the youngest generation.

eyeNjoy patented platform improves the accuracy and ease of vision care for infants, young children, and adolescents. The comprehensive vision exam is performed while watching a short video, in less than one minute and provides an indication of vision impairments and amblyogenic risk factors (lazy eye). We specialize in vision testing for the youngest and we collaborate with NGOs around the world to bring vision care to all. We aim to help children reach their full potential.
The eyeNjoy device is equipped with an eye tracker that can record the exact movement of the eyes and analyze their behavior. With our machine learning, we can also monitor the evolution of vision over the years to predict potential future problems. Thus we can see potential evolution and find a solution as soon as possible to limit the effects in the long term. We offer inexpensive, quick, and easy to perform tests to bring an effective solution and support to local NGOs. We have a beautiful world and we want to make sure everyone has a chance to see it!

We have a beautiful world and we want to make sure everyone has a chance to see it!

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