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eyeNjoy set a new standard to non-invasive automated exams of healthy eye development. Unlike regular photoscreening, the platform also incorporates the essential Visual Acuity exam.

Early detection and treatment before 3 years of age can decrease the prevalence of amblyopia, improve vision acuity by 70%, and prevent blindness.

eyeNjoy helps implement cost-effective pediatric vision screening for everyone, anywhere.

Comprehensive Vision Screening

Visual Acuity without verbal feedback
Refractive Error
Ocular Alignment
Pupil Evaluation
Myopia Progression
eyeNjoy Product

Machine Learning

The data collected during the exam is encrypted and securely transmitted to eyeNjoy’s cloud. Advanced machine learning (ML) technology processes the data collected during the screening exam and generates a report indicating the presence of various vision impairments from a very early stage. The accuracy of the results is derived from unbiased algorithms, minimizing the reliance on child’s cooperation, verbal feedback, or examiner medical expertise.

Our Patents

eyeNjoy is a novel device with patents in Canada, Europe, China, Japan, Israel, USA

High Medical Standard

FDA listed Class I Exempt Medical Device
Clinically validated
Secured patient data and HIPAA compliant
Easily integrated with existing workflows and EMRs
HIPAA Compliance

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